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THE AMBITION CASES: Enforcing countries legal obligations to combat the climate crisis

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This session will hear from lawyers directly involved in the Ambition cases in the Netherlands, Germany, Brazil and South Korea. We will hear about challenges confronted and lessons learned from both successful and unsuccessful efforts to pursue these types of climate cases.

Speakers: Roda Verheyen, Sejong Youn, Dennis Van Berklet, Caio Broges
Moderator: Richard Lord QC

Previous Events

Ecocide: A future wave of climate litigation?

This climate justice law session will bring together some of the world’s leading legal thinkers on ecocide and climate justice, to share their knowledge related to the relationship between the crime of ecocide and climate justice; the potential for a new wave of climate litigation and an update on most recent developments concerning establishment of ecocide as an international environmental crime.

Speakers: Rizwana Hasan, Gita Parihar, Jojo Mehta and Margaretha Wewerinke